Personal Lexicon iPhone App

Its finally arrived! The Personal Lexicon iPhone app is here!

It was a long road, but we hope you’ll find the mobility and the cool  new features worth the wait. Probably the the most exciting new feature is the test repetition system, which gives you target dates for taking the tests  you create. It uses interval testing based on performance to drive your long term memory. Plus, you can view graphs that show your progress over time so you really know you’re learning. Another cool new feature is the ability to speak your lexicon entry without typing. Just push a button, speak the word or phrase, and press done. Easy and convenient for adding to your lexicon on the go!

These are just a couple of the cool things you can do with the Personal Lexicon iPhone app. Not to mention, it’s 100% compatibly with the desktop version so you can keep your lexicons in sync on your phone and home computer. Check it out in the Apple App Store today!

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