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    I have just downloaded the PersonalLexicon, to be able to create an English German dictionary.
    I write in English and wish to create the dictionary to support the translation of my texts into German.

    Are there any other users of the product out there with similar activities. If there are I would very much like to have contact with them.

    Please make yourselves known

    Regards, forkinpm.


    I have created a dual language dictionary (English – German) and have tried to import it as a CSV file, but it is not accepted.
    Can someone who has gon through the process help me to find out what the application is not accepting.
    I hope to get responses.
    Regards, Patrick Forkin.


    The lack of knowledge is irritating me.
    I have rewritten my dictionary to the three columns sugested for a CSV file import.
    It still was rejected.
    There must be either
    1. something wrong with the creation of the csv file using the Notepad++ editor. or
    2. the docuimantation is insufficient or
    3. There is a bug in the import.
    Please help me so that I van move on.
    Regards, patforkin.


    Patrick, I’d be happy to help you troubleshoot your problem. Can you be more specific about how the program rejects the CSV file? What message is shown? Perhaps you could try importing a single lexical item first (ie. a single row). If that works then you’ll know that the general format you’re using is correct and that a particular row is causing the problem. Also, an excerpt from your CSV file might help if you want to post it here.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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