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    Hello. Just last week we released version 2.2 of Personal Lexicon which gives full support for monolingual dictionaries if you prefer to have your lexicon use a single language only. For this type of lexicon, there is a setting in the lexicon properties dialog so that lexical items continue to have a definition (and optionally, an alternate definition). When the property isn’t set then the lexicon is considered multilingual (the default) and lexical items have a translation instead of a definition.

    For those that have alternate definitions turned on, lexical items still have an alternate definition field only if the lexicon is monolingual. For bilingual lexicons, this field is now call definition. This allows for a translation field in your native language and a full definition field in either the target language or your native language, whatever you prefer.

    We think this field name change is more accurate than the names used previously and will helps users quickly determine what type of lexicon they are working with (monolingual or bilingual). It was not a small change since these field names are used throughout the program. For example, a definition test is now called a translation test in bilingual lexicons.

    I basically wanted to point out this change in case users of Personal Lexicon version 2.1 had any confusion around the new field names. Just remember, if for some reason you prefer the old naming convention then you can go back to it by setting the Use as monolingual dictionary property in the lexicon properties dialog.


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