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    At long last the forums have been reopened for public registration! I felt bad having to close them for so long, but the spamming was hard to keep on top of and not many people were posting anyway. My hope is to change that by posting more news about Personal Lexicon within the forums and encourage people to tell us what they want to see in new releases. The more feedback from the user community the better I can set the direction for future updates. Also, we are going to stay on top of any spamming so that the forum doesn’t have to be closed to the public again.

    Thanks for your support!


    Ps. We’d love to hear feedback about the apps, but also the website if you have any thoughts about the new design. I’ll be working on new content in my spare moments.


    BTW, if you registered for the forum before the site update then you’ll probably need to reset your password. The previous passwords needed to be randomized due to the fact that they were not in plain text (a good thing) and could not be moved to the new forum database. If this is the case for you then simply click the Lost Password link and enter the email address that you used to register.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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