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    Hello everyone. With the release of version 2.9 and Cloud Sync I thought I would share some of the future plans for Personal Lexicon. The impetus that helped make Cloud Sync a reality stemmed from quite a few users requesting the ability to easily sync their lexicons on multiple computers. To accomplish this, it was decided that Personal Lexicon would interface with various cloud storage providers so users could choose where they wanted to store their data.

    Currently, the only available provider is Google, but more will be added in the future, specifically Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s OneDrive. We decided to start with Google because most people already have a Gmail account even if it’s not their primary email (1 billion at last count). The cloud provider framework now built into Personal Lexicon will make adding new providers relatively straight forward.

    That said, the priority now becomes the release of the iPhone version of PL. It will interface with Cloud Sync as well as introduce some cool new features that, at first, will only be available on the iPhone. The plan is to add iCloud as a cloud provider in the desktop version of PL at about the same time that the iPhone version is released…probably a Sept/Oct time frame.

    There are more plans for enhancements after that, but I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself so that’s all for now. As mentioned on the home page…keep and eye on this space!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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