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    this is only my second post and I have only had the product on my desktop for a few hours.
    I have looked at innumerable tools to find a base suitable for the creation of an English German dictionary.
    This product looks as if it has a framework better than anything I have seen to date.
    What I do not understand is that the community is very small and posting members are limited.
    Regards, forkinpm.


      Hi Forkinpm. Thanks for the comments. Yes, the community is small because of two reasons I think. 1) I haven’t really marketed the software very much. There are some serious users of Personal Lexion (for example some linguists), but the overall userbase is relatively small. 2) I’ve been told that this forum is too hard to find within the website. People have to dig around a bit instead of the website directing traffic here.

      I’m plan on remedying both of these issues. The website is being redesigned and I will be making a marketing push over the next few months including new versions of the software.

      all the best,



      Time has gone by since I made my original posts.
      In the meantime I have created a “framework” for translating my English texts into German.
      I am soon to publish an e-Book describing it.
      I am now to try and complete the building of my dictionary for the framework.
      Regards, patforkin.


        Glad to hear about your progress on your e-Book. Congratulations! Let us know if you have any questions about Personal Lexicon while you’re building your dictionary. I’m sure the completed dictionary will complement the book very well.


        I have a series of simple English to German dictionaries, written as CSV files which I would like to try with PersonalLexicon.
        All of my dictionaries have structures I have devised.
        Characteristics are:
        1. Entries grouped by word class and aplhabetically inside the class.
        2. Transformations are stored in the dictionary.
        3. Sentence parts are to be stored also.
        I want to use PersonalLexicon as a vehicle for storing all my sentence parts and thus act as a repository for all of my translations.
        This might say that I need to build my own “template”. If this is the case I would like to talk to others who have done so
        Regards, patforkin.


        Hallo again today!
        By the way is anyone using PersonalLexicon to store translations as I tried to explain in my last post?
        Look forward to hearing.
        Regards, patforkin.

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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