Integral to learning a language is being able to build and recall memories quickly. Creating a large personal vocabulary is not easy for most of us. Usage context, pronunciation, inflected forms, and spelling each add a level of difficulty when trying to master a particular lexical item. As students, we must use all possible tricks to build and maintain memory associations. When faced with learning thousands of lexical items and grammar rules it is easy to forget something that was learned even a few days ago. Taking notes in and out of class and reviewing them is essential, but trying to find those same notes after a few months have passed can be time consuming. Personal Lexicon has been designed to help solve these problems by providing an easy-to-use interface for students to track what they've learned and to maintain and assess their progress.

Key features:

  • Create lexicons for the purpose of learning almost any language with user defined lexical types (i.e. nouns, verbs, particles, expressions, etc.) and region dialects.
  • Download a starter lexicon if you want a head start creating your lexicon or import your own database of vocabulary into your new lexicon.
  • Use the built-in international keyboard builder to type characters that don't exist on your physical keyboard.
  • Add lexical items (typically words or phrases) and organize them into themes that you define yourself.
  • With each lexical item include a variety of optional information including pronunciation, personal examples, comments, gender, conjugations, etc.
  • Attach audio to lexical items and personal examples.
  • Link lexical synonyms, antonyms, roots, phonetically similar items, and other related items.
  • Track which personal examples have been verified as grammatically correct.
  • Download audio on command including full sentence audio.
  • Create listening or written tests from a list of lexical items or themes. All tests come with their own set of customizable options.
  • Save and take the same test multiple times, trying to improve your score each time or generate a pop quiz which is taken once and discarded.
  • Automatically track each lexical item's difficulty rating so that you can focus on the ones that are giving you the most trouble.
  • Print a list of lexical items or any test so that you can study away from the computer.
  • Import and export an entire lexicon or a list of lexical items so that you can share your data with other students.
  • Advanced search capabilities allow you to find a particular item or a list of items quickly.
  • Define custom conjugation forms or inflection rules for any lexical type.
  • Change the interface language to English, French, Portuguese, German, or Spanish.

...and much more.

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