Attaching Audio

When editing a lexical item you can attach audio to the item text or to a personal example. Doing so will allow you to hear the audio anytime you're viewing the lexical item. Also, if you have enough lexical items with attached audio you'll be able to generate listening comprehension tests.

All audio within Personal Lexicon is stored in the Audio Library so in order to attach audio to a lexical item it must first exist in the library. You can import audio into the Audio Library and then attach it, but there are ways to import audio and attach it to a lexical item in a single step. Here we'll look at how to attach audio that already exists in the Audio Library as well as audio that doesn't.

If you want to attach audio to a lexical item's text then first make sure you're in edit mode. Next, click the audio button just to the left of the item text. This will show a dropdown menu with the following options: Play, Delete, Attach from Library, Import from File, and Download. If the lexical item doesn't yet have any attached audio then Play and Delete will be inactive.

If attaching audio that already exists in the Audio Library then you'll want to select Attach from Library will open the Attach Audio dialog. This dialog shows a table containing a row for each audio entry currently in the library. The table also has 3 columns. If the audio entry is already attached to a lexical item then a paperclip is shown in the first column. The second column is the name given to the entry and the third column indicates the last time the entry was modified. Simple select the audio entry you want to attach to the lexical item and click the Attach button. Note that you can hear an audio entry before attaching it by right clicking on the audio entry. Once the dialog disappears, you will see the audio button change from gray to gold . This indicates that audio is now attached to the item text.

Alternatively, if you want to attach an audio file to your lexical item then select Import from File. This will open a file selection dialog. Simply choosing your audio file will import it into the Audio Library and attach it in one step. If you don't have an audio file your third option is to attempt to download one. Selecting Download will trigger the Audio Download Service to connect to the Internet and try to find audio for you.

Once audio has been attached then you can use the Play option to listen to it or the Delete option to unattached it. The Delete option will check to see if the audio entry is also attached to another item. If not then it will prompt whether it should be removed from the library or left unattached.

Attaching audio to a personal example is done much in the same way. Click the services icon next to the personal example you want to attach audio to. You'll see the same menu options as described above.

Upon exiting edit mode you will notice a speaker image next to the item text or the personal examples that you attached audio to. Clicking this image will play the corresponding audio and animate the image until the playback ceases.

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