Download Audio Service

The Download Audio Service helps users find audio for their lexical items and personal examples. It's easy to use and provides access to audio for most of the major world languages. With the audio you accumulate, you'll be able to review proper pronunciation and test your level of listening comprehension.

The service can be used to download audio for a single piece of text or for multiple lexical items at once. In order to download audio for a single lexical item or a particular personal example you will need to be editing the item. To download audio for the item text, click the audio button to its left and select Download from the dropdown menu. To download audio for a personal example, click the services icon next to it and then select Download from the menu. These actions will initiate the download process.

On the other hand, it can be much more convenient to download audio for multiple lexical items at once. To do this, first select all the items in the lexical item list that want audio for. Remember that in order to select multiple items you'll need to select the first one in the sequence and then hold down the Shift key as you click the mouse on the last lexical item. Next, go to the Tools menu and select Download Audio Service. In most cases, this will display a dialog of options. Here you can decide if you just want to download audio for the lexical items' text, the personal examples, or both. You can also indicate how you want to handle items that already have audio attached. Once you click Ok a status dialog will show you the progress of the download.

The Download Audio Service can usually detect the language that you want to download. In cases where it can't then you'll be prompted for the language of your lexicon. If the language you want isn't listed then that language isn't yet available. Note that we are always trying to improve the audio download service by offering more languages with better audio quality. If your language isn't listed, be sure to keep trying in the future.

Also note that this service is provided by a third party so Personal Lexicon cannot always guarantee its availability.

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