Multiple Choice Tests

There are 2 types of multiple choice tests.  The first type constructs questions that show a lexical item translation and then presents you with a list of items, one of which matches the translation.  You need to select the correct one.  The second type constructs questions that show a lexical item and then gives you a list of possible translations, only one of which is correct.  The number of answers to choose from is configured by you when you generate the test.  Your choices are between 2 to 6.  All incorrect answers are taken from data contained in the lexicon.  This means that your lexicon must contain at least the same number of lexical items as you have choices (not a problem once you enter a few items).  You can also generate the test so that incorrect answers are chosen randomly or by finding similar items.  Choosing the similar answer algorithm is usually the better because correct answers are less obvious, therefore you might have to think a little harder.

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