Creating Themes and Sub-themes

To create a new theme you can either select New Theme under the Edit menu or click the button underneath the theme list. This action opens a dialog that prompts you to input the name of the theme in both the target language and the native language. Once this information is provided click Ok and the theme will show up in the theme list.

You can also add sub-themes. A sub-theme is a variation on a theme. It is a folder within a folder and allows you to organize lexical items to a finer level of detail. A sub-theme shows up in the theme list underneath its parent theme. For example, if you've defined a theme Sports, perhaps a logical sub-theme would be Equipment or Tennis. It's up to you.

To create a sub-theme right-click on the top-level theme. From the popup menu select Add Sub-theme. This will open the New Subtheme dialog which prompts you for the sub-theme name in both the target language and the native language. After you fill these in, clicking Ok will create the sub-theme underneath its parent.

Once a theme or sub-theme has been created you can easily add lexical items to it by dragging items from the lexical item list to the theme. You may also rename any theme or sub-theme by right-clicking on it and selecting Rename from the popup menu.

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