Translation Tests*

A translation test will show you a lexical item translation with each question and prompt you for the corresponding item text. You can construct the test so that the all possible item translations are shown or just a single (major) translation. Other configurable options include the required answer precision, the primary hint, and whether to always show the lexical type. Answer precision indicates how exact you have to be with your answer in order for it to be counted as correct. Possible choices for answer precision are Identical, High, Medium, or Low. Of course, Identical means that your answer much match the item text exactly. The other choices mean different things depending on the language of the answer. Typically, High means that both upper case and lower case letters will be acceptable. Low might mean that e and é are equivalent. You must do a little experimenting to know exactly how these options work for your language of study.

* If working with a monolingual dictionary then instead of translation tests you'll have definition tests.
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