Phonetically Similar Tests

The point of phonetically similar tests is to hone your ear to tell the difference between 2 or more lexical items that sound similar. More generally this helps train your ear to hear subtle differences in sound. These tests can only be generated if you have phonetically linked lexical items that also contain attached audio.

The primary option when generating phonetically similar tests is the maximum number of choices per question. The minimum is 2 and the maximum is 6. For example, if the max is set to 2 then you'll hear audio and then be presented with two possible answers, the correct answer and an incorrect answer. If the max is set higher it doesn't necessarily mean that you will be given more possibilities because the number choices is limited by the number of phonetically similar links a particular lexical item has. For example, if a lexical item only has two phonetically similar links then at the most 3 potential choices can be given.

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