Test Types

Personal Lexicon offers seven test types, four writing comprehension tests and three listening comprehension tests. You might notice that the selected items count in the test generation dialog can sometimes increase or decrease when you choose a particular test from the dropdown. This is because certain tests require lexical items that have certain characteristics. If a lexical item doesn't have those characteristics then it can't be used in the test. Below is a table showing the lexical item requirements for each test:

Test Type Requirements
Writing Comprehension Tests
Translation None.
Multiple Choice None.
Example Usage A lexical item must have a personal example that contains a recognizable form of the item text. This is demonstrated when part of the personal example is underlined.
Synonym/Antonym A lexical item must have either a synonym or an antonym defined depending whether synonyms or antonyms are being tested.
Listening Comprehension Tests
Basic Listening A lexical item must have attached audio.
Context Listening A lexical item must have a personal example with attached audio.
Phonetically Similar A lexical item must have attached audio and at least one phonetic link.

If none of the lexical items in the pool of potential questions conform to the requirements for the given test then you will be unable to generate that test.

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